August 13/08 Our Battalion1944 team has successfully secured a spot for the Blitzkrieg Masters in Amsterdam, 27-30 Sept.

After 4 online Qualifiers our B44-team successfully secures a spot to the Battalion1944 Blitzkrieg Masters held on the 27-30 September in Amsterdam!

There they will be battering for their share of the 50,000$ prize-pool provided by Bulhead Interactive developers of the game and hosts of the Major.

After finishing 4th in the Galantry TUP in Budapest last July, they we’re burned and thirsty to claim their spot in the Major!

Unfortunately due to the summer holiday, planned vacations and festivals, we were never able to compete with our full line-up in the previous #3 online Qualifiers to the Major. Therefor we were unsuccessful in claiming a qualification spot earlier in this series.

But today, August 13/08, we finally managed to get the job done! Thanks to Sus (ex. Endpoint), for replacing Aron “Soulzzz” van Beek!