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POSTED BY luckypuff January 17, 2018

Our reorganization has come to an end and we are ready to go LIVE!

To start off with our “rebrand” we want to announce one of  our 4 new line-ups.
Meet our brand new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

Most of these players have experience in staged events such as ESL Benelux Finals and even in other international events.
This line-up forms the official AVENUE eSports CS:GO team and signed for the complete duration of 2018.

With pride we announce:

Tillo “xillian” Van Speybroeck – IGL
Maaikel “Drl” Coens – AWP
Mike “real1seRRR” Van Caneghem – Rifler
Jasko “cozje” Berbic – Rifler
Martijn “DRNGR” Wegman – Rifler

They will be competing in the ESEA Open League, ESL Benelux, Kayzr League and many more events on the go.
Come and have a chat/drink with these handsome fellas at your local LANparty.

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