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Avenue Esports 2018 Reorganisation

POSTED BY luckypuff January 1, 2018

Dear visitors,

First of all we wish you a healthy and prosperous 2018!

For 2018 we’ve decided to fully reorganize Avenue E-Sports and to come forward as a top European E-Sports Team.
We are bringing forward a decent and well experienced management team to support our brand new scouted talent!

First of we have Yannick “Suppy” van den Broeck proud owner of Avenue E-Sports since 2013!

Olivier “Luckypuff” Olligschlaeger joined forces with Yannick after Leonid Gaming failed to re-organize their management and there for he’s now using his expertise to strengthen Avenue and advises Yannick to bring the organization to its full potential

Olivier on his turn also brought in Tibo “Alivano” Heyndrickx (ex Leonid Gaming) as a webmaster and board member together with Tom “Counterforce” Sebrechts (ex Invoked).

Avenue will from now on represent 3 different E-sports titles: Hearthstone by Blizzard, Paladins by Hi-Rez and last but not least Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by Valve.

We hope to bring decent and consistent players in all of our line-ups for the upcoming season(s). We will announce our line-ups one by one, later this January.

Due to the reorganization we also worked closely together with to design and produce our brand new line of merchandise!


More details upon rosters and events will be released later this week!


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